GR.IT Consultancy Celebrates Success Story of Amy, Advocates for Women in Tech

GR.IT Celebrates Success Story of Amy, Advocates for Women in Tech

GR.IT Consultancy, a leading IT company providing managed IT services across the UK, proudly shares the success story of Amy, a former employee who recently secured her dream job at Formula 1.

GR.IT Consultancy underscores its commitment to being an equal opportunity employer and highlights its role in nurturing talent within the tech industry.

From New Look Assistant to Formula 1 IT Technician

Amy’s journey with GR.IT Consultancy began after completing her A-levels when she worked as a sales assistant at New Look. While originally intended as a temporary position, she spent two years there while searching for apprenticeships and entry-level IT support opportunities.

Amy’s breakthrough came when she received an email from GR.ITs Director Paul, offering her an apprenticeship role at level 0.

In her own words, Amy reflects on her experience:

“I started off doing the basics and shadowing Emma and Paul’s work, slowly learning the trade and skills I have today. Over the next two years, I worked hard on my skills, absorbing as much knowledge as I could. In March of this year, I passed my Google IT Support exam and am working toward my A+ certification.”

Experiencing new heights with GR.IT

One of the highlights of Amy’s career with GR.IT Consultancy was the opportunity to fly to Geneva with the directors to assist with an office move for a client. This experience showcased her dedication and competence in a real-world setting.

Amy expresses her gratitude to Paul and Emma for their guidance and mentorship: “I want to thank Paul and Emma for taking the time and having the patience to train me and pass on their knowledge. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would be where I am today, and I’m grateful.”

She fondly remembers a conversation with Paul when she first started: “He said that he would make me into a support tech one day, and I believe that goal has been met. So once again, thank you Paul and Emma.”

GR.IT Consultancy reiterates its commitment to fostering talent, promoting diversity, and providing equal opportunities within the tech industry.

Amy’s success story exemplifies the company’s dedication to empowering individuals and nurturing their potential in the rapidly evolving field of information technology.


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